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What to bring to an exam

Required items

Photo ID

You are required to bring photo ID to all exams on campus and Online Respondus Monitor exam at home. Examples include Student ID (preferred) Drivers Licence, passport, Adult Proof of Age card.

Permitted items in all exams

You are permitted to bring standard stationery including pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, whiteout, rulers, and a water bottle to all exams.  You may also use sponge/silicone ear plugs for on campus exams only.





Pencil sharpener.

Pencil sharpeners

Pencil eraser.










Ear plugs.

Sponge / silicone ear plugs
Permitted in on-campus exams only

Prohibited items in all exams

Please note: If you have an approved Access Plan with Accessibility, you may be approved to have prohibited materials.


Food and drink
Exceptions: Bottles of water

Electronic devices

Electronic devices such as pagers, watches, smart watches, electronic dictionaries, tablet devices
Note: These items must be switched off and placed in your bag.

Caps or hats.

Caps or hats
Excludes religious head coverings (i.e., turbans/hijabs)

Mobile phones.

Mobile phones 
Exceptions: For MFA purposes relating to Respondus on-campus exams

Headphones or earphones.

Headphones or earphones
Excludes sponge/silicone ear plugs

Understanding the permitted materials on your student personal timetable

No Materials Permitted

This means you are not allowed to bring in anything to your exam other than the standard stationery items listed above.

Materials Permitted – Restricted

You can only bring items listed under this heading on your timetable. Examples may include calculator, notes, dictionary

Materials Permitted – Any (excluding electronic devices)

You can bring item your exam with the exception of electronic devices, for example a laptop/table.

Materials Permitted - Any

You may bring any item into your exam.