Why study at JCU?

Experience has no substitute

At JCU, we’re committed to supporting you across your undergraduate degree, from orientation to graduation and everything in between.

Our admissions team will embrace your individual circumstances and identify the right pathway for you. Early offers are available for Year 12 students, including a Guaranteed Admissions Plan for those with an ATAR of 73 or above. If you’ve completed a Certificate III or IV, or have relevant industry experience, you may be eligible for study credit to finish your degree sooner. No matter your interest, experience level or life path, there’s a place for you at JCU.

JCU students engage in real-world experiences, with many courses offering work-integrated learning opportunities, hands-on experiences in the field, or placements in schools, hospitals and more. Immerse yourself in uni life through our variety of student and volunteer organisations or take your studies international with an exchange or study abroad opportunity. Explore our undergraduate course options, where experience has no substitute.

For many, an undergraduate degree is your first time at university. Undertaking tertiary study is an exciting time, with new and exciting information at your fingertips. At JCU, we take the guesswork out of study and have a variety of resources on offer to assist your transition to university. With student mentors, a peer-assisted study program and an immersive O-Week line-up, you’ll be equipped to start strong and access the resources you need to succeed.

A Bachelor’s degree is an in-depth course that can take between three to five years to complete full time. This degree can lead to postgraduate study, as well as advanced career options.

If you’re a school leaver, your most direct pathway to university is through the Australian Tertiary Access Rank (ATAR) you receive at the end of your Year 12 studies. Each JCU undergraduate degree has an ATAR requirement for entry, available on the specific course page.

If you haven’t studied for a while, or don’t meet the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree, JCU offers a Diploma of Higher Education. This is a one-year pathway course, which consists of introductory and first-year degree subjects to prepare you for entrance into a Bachelor’s degree.

An undergraduate degree from JCU is a fantastic step in achieving your study and career goals. With a unique range of courses, placement and experiences, this is uni, but not as you know it.