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Be equipped with the skills to make an impact – improve health care in underserved communities or make life-changing discoveries. JCU Medicine and Dentistry students gain valuable skills and experience through extensive clinical practice. Graduate with the confidence to take on any challenge after undertaking placements in diverse communities, from the outback to the Torres Strait.

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JCU Medicine and Dentistry courses are designed with a rural focus and extensive clinical practice so that you can be confident in your ability to provide quality care to any community.

JCU Medicine

Develop a deep understanding of topics and techniques across a range of clinical, medical and biological fields, including anatomy, infection control, disease prevention, biochemical processes, health promotion and medical ethics. JCU Medicine graduates are exceptionally skilled doctors and health professionals who find success in a range of medical settings. Your study and specialisation could lead you to roles such as a general practitioner, anaesthetist, dermatologist, obstetrician, paediatrician, radiologist, medical educator and more. You could improve health care in underserved communities through private practice, rural clinics and hospitals.

JCU Dentistry

Are you up for a challenging career with high rewards? JCU Dentistry equips you with clinical skills of the highest standard. Your extensive clinical practice and placement prepares you to make an impact in rural, remote and urban health. Gain a deep understanding of oral health and develop the skills to take on any challenge. Be ready to stand out in any dental clinic after gaining crucial insight into the dental health issues of rural, tropical and Indigenous people. Take advantage of the high demand for dentists in Australia and become a dentist who makes a difference in the lives of those that need it most. JCU Dentistry graduates are highly sought-after health care practitioners. You could take on positions in private practice, hospitals, community health services, the Australian Defence Force, education or research.

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Explore JCU’s Medicine and Dentistry courses and find a path that aligns with your passion today. See how a strong rural focus and practical learning opportunities can build your confidence and equip you to provide quality care to individuals and communities.

Access specialty medical training in northern and regional Queensland with JCU. Postgraduate students can undertake General Practice training in northern and regional Queensland, delivered in collaboration with ACRRM and RACGP. Engage with an integrated pathway that connects medical students and junior doctors to specialist training opportunities in northern Queensland through the Northern Queensland Regional Training Hubs network. You’ll benefit from JCU’s range of partnerships with hospital and health services across the region.

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