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About the Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers JCU students a number of services and resources, including:

  • A drop-in advisory service
  • Access to learning advisors
  • Access to free pre-semester workshops to prepare for university study
  • Study skills workshops throughout each semester, and
  • Online resources for refreshing reading, writing and maths skills.

Learning Advisors support students and staff

Learning advisors are available to assist JCU students with discipline specific requirements. They are 'action researchers' in their everyday interactions with students and have a wealth of knowledge in relation to student learning matters.

Learning advisors also work with academic staff in their lectures and tutorials to integrate language and learning skills into the curriculum. In addition, they work alongside academic developers to promote excellence in learning and teaching, and to improve the overall student experience at JCU.

Examples include:

  • The Systematic Integrated Learning Advice (SILA) model in which a targeted degree course is allocated a learning advisor who works with the Subject Lecturer and Course Coordinator to implement the procedures outlined in the JCU English Language and Numeracy Policy
  • Discipline specific time management sessions team-taught with academic staff
  • Facilitation of Student Mentor linking within first year classes
  • Writing, science and numeracy support workshops for at-risk students
  • Discipline specific essay writing and assessment sessions integrated into lecture time, and
  • Online learning and writing skills resources available as a link from all LearnJCU subject sites

Learning advisors have a specific interest in the first year experience of our students, and are particularly interested in working with all staff involved in teaching, tutoring and supporting first year students.

Get in touch

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