CEE Education Strategy Subject Transition Framework

Subject Transition Framework (STF)

Supporting subject design through the transition to trimesters.

What is the STF?

The STF is a flexible resource to support subject design during JCU’s calendar transition to trimesters and block study periods.

Mangroves with juxtaposition night and day with subject design model overlay

The STF consists of the following resources:

  1. Rationale
    A brief background and rationale for JCU’s calendar transition.
  2. Process
    A four-stage process (that is, Review, Design, Develop and Deliver) to refine and align subjects through the transition.
  3. Principles and Values
    A summary of formal JCU principles, values, and policies that guide course and subject design.
  4. Guide and Resources
    A checklist and set of resources for refining and aligning curriculum, assessment, and teaching and learning activities.
  5. Templates (Trimester and Block Study Periods)
    Templates to support subject design through the transition to trimesters and/or block study periods
  6. Example Templates
    Three examples that demonstrate differences between semester, trimester, and block study periods for a fictional subject.
  7. Example Design Insights
    Insights into design strategies based on the examples.

The STF follows a model that represents subject design as:

  1. An ongoing process (that is, Review, Design, Develop, Deliver)
  2. Purposeful and practicable (that is, Values, Principles, and Resources)
  3. Aligning and refining (that is, Curriculum, Assessment, and Teaching)
  4. Centred on students’ learning

This diagram is a representation of the subject design model the STF followed. The outer circle shows four quadrants, starting with 1. Review, 2. Design, 3. Develop, 4. Deliver. The layer in from that shows values covering both 1.Review and 4.Deliver; Principles covers both 2.Design and 3. Develop; and Resources covers both 3.Develop and 4.Deliver.  The next layer in from that one is Assessment, Curriculum, and Teaching, with Learning in the centre.

Download and browse the STF resources

The STF can be used in different ways by individual subject coordinators of design teams. Choose how you would like to begin.

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