Student Equity and Wellbeing Multifaith Chaplaincy

Multifaith Chaplaincy

The JCU Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre respects that all members of the JCU community are incredible human beings; people who are inspired and driven to not only reach their own potential but seek to help others reach theirs. Building connections with self, others or even with a divine Other, through faith or even through good will, is one way that JCU can offer a truly holistic and enriched experience for its multicultural and diverse community. Multifaith Chaplaincy exists to support and nurture people of faith and people of no religious affiliation, people from a range of cultural backgrounds and those who wish to be free to be who they are. Everyone is welcome.

Multifaith Chaplaincy offers staff and students the hospitality to support their spiritual and pastoral needs. It provides an on-site chaplain (with an option to meet via Zoom), a variety of prayer/meeting rooms and a space to gather, belong and connect with others within the JCU community.

As part of JCU’s Outreach, Careers and Wellbeing Centre for Education and Enhancement, the Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre seeks to foster a nurturing and supportive university that meets the spiritual and pastoral needs of all.

What is Chaplaincy?

  • Chaplaincy is about listening and providing hospitality. It is not about pushing any particular religious agenda – although compassion and kindness are two highly valued components of this service.
  • Chaplaincy is not just ‘a thing’ for people of faith. Chaplaincy is there for anyone in need of space to talk, reflect, question and seek.
  • Chaplaincy is about belonging, connecting people with others; be that a faith community or a university-based organisation.