Student Activity Data

Student interactions within LearnJCU are used as a proxy for engagement.

When viewing student activity data it is important to consider the many ways that students may engage with LearnJCU, for example, reading a document online compared to downloading the document and reading offline. Within learning analytics, activity is recorded as accesses, interactions, minutes and submissions.


Accesses are recorded when a student logs onto LearnJCU and clicks on the link to the specific LearnJCU subject site. They may not have completed any activities or accessed any content.


Interactions are recorded whenever a student completes an action in the LearnJCU site, e.g. opens a folder, downloads a document. Interactions can be thought of as the number of clicks in the LearnJCU subject site.


Minutes are calculated from when the student accesses the LearnJCU subject site until they log out or access another LearnJCU subject site. After 3 hours of inactivity the student is logged out and the minutes recorded is based on the time of their last interaction (or click).


Submissions are recorded when a student submits something to the LearnJCU site using a Blackboard tool. For example, a LearnJCU Assignment, Test, or Discussion Board response/reply.