Writing, blogging, and editing

I enjoy the look and sound of certain words. I enjoy crafting an artful sentence. Writing has been the activity I do most often for as long as I can remember. It always surprises me to hear that people are intimidated by the act of writing. I feel like part of my purpose in life is to share the joy of writing with others so that they are able to express themselves through writing more confidently and creatively.

Currently, I write and edit for the vegan fitness magazine Definition. If you missed it on the about me page, I also run a blog, Banana Curl, Vegan Girl where I write about food and develop recipes. Of course, there is also my zine (more information is available in products).


I would like to assist others with writing and/or editing their own personal work, help create content for their business or personal websites, and more. I enjoy bringing out the stories within others that can be shared with the world.

Though I’d love it if it is vegan-related, I am open to working with you on anything you need. Applying to school and need help writing a beautiful essay (I can’t write it for you, but I can definitely help you decide what to write about and give you other support throughout the process)? Want someone to proofread your college papers or projects? In addition to the above experience, I have also worked in a college’s writing center.

When it comes to writing pieces for other publications or blogs, I’m very selective about what I write at this point. I am most interested in educational topics that surround veganism, especially involving social justice and feminism. So if you have an opportunity for that, please let me know.

I can also give helpful advice about starting your own blog, vegan or otherwise.

Please be in touch if you think you’d like to work with me.