Right now you can purchase my recipe zine I created, Banana Curl, Vegan Girl: The Zine #1 Childhood Favorites Veganized on Etsy. It contains 22 recipes I veganized from my childhood. It is very kid friendly but good for all ages. It also contains a big section on various vegan topics, such as how to adapt recipes if you have certain allergies, how to choose the right nondairy milk for a recipe, egg replacer tips and tricks, how to sub other ingredients for tofu, a primer on faux meats, and even what to use for cruelty free vegan curly hair care. Check out more info and purchase on Etsy.

Coming soon!


I designed a fabric with an illustration of kale on it. I can’t give out all the details right now because I want it to be a surprise, but here is a sneak peak of the fabric! The products I intend to make will be on Etsy as well. Stay tuned!