Sexual Misconduct Officers

You can talk with a JCU Sexual Misconduct Officer about any matter that is causing you concern - no matter how big or small the issue might seem.

Sexual Misconduct Officers provide a single point of contact at JCU for a person who has been subject to Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault, or to the manager or person supporting that person.

The safety and wellbeing of the person who has been subjected to sexual harassment or sexual assault are at the centre of all responses.  All contact is treated confidentially.

The Sexual Misconduct Officers can assist someone to connect with the specialist support services, if needed. JCU has three dedicated Sexual Misconduct Officers (details are listed below).

The Sexual Misconduct Officers can work through what support a person needs to continue with studying or working, regardless of whether the person who perpetrated the harassment or assault are associated with JCU.

The kind of support the Sexual Misconduct Officers can provide includes accommodations such as, implementing safety plans; changes to allocation of student on-campus accommodation or short term emergency housing; changes to class scheduling; changes to assessment; changes to reporting lines (including Higher Degree by Research supervisory arrangements); temporary or long-term work or workplace reassignment. Support can be provided without the person who has made the report identifying the other person/people involved.

Sexual Misconduct Officers can provide information and support on what actions can be taken to resolve an issue, and provide information on making a complaint.

Sexual Misconduct Officers will assist with coordinating responses to any incident that occurs on a field trip, placement or overseas. This may include connecting with specialist services, returning people to campus as needed, or assisting with consular support.

JCU has compulsory training that relates to sexual harassment and sexual assault (the JCU Respect online module and Respectful Relationships workshops). The training is designed to be completed by all staff and students. If you feel unable to complete for personal reasons please contact one of the Sexual Misconduct Officers listed below to arrange a confidential exemption).

Photo of Vanessa Cannon

Vanessa Cannon

Chief of Staff

[email protected]


0419 245 992

I’m committed to ensuring that staff and students are supported in addressing inappropriate behaviours in the workplace or learning environment. I believe we are all capable of active and visible leadership in this regard.

Photo of Damian Dunne

Damian Dunne

Equity and Diversity Consultant, Human Resources (Cairns)

[email protected]


0436 645 630

I have over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources operational and policy areas in Australia and the UK. I’m committed to promoting a safe and welcoming environment for staff and students at JCU.

Photo of Nola Kuilboer

Nola Kuilboer

Executive Officer, Education Division

[email protected]


0415 163 290

I have worked at JCU since 2011 because I believe in the power of education to change lives, particularly within regional communities. A respectful and safe workplace and learning environment is everyone’s responsibility. My commitment is to provide support and leadership to staff and students in ensuring inappropriate behaviours are addressed.