I believe that the best way to interest people in veganism is to feed them satisfying vegan foods! This lifestyle can truly be delicious.

I have various ideas on how I can expand my ability to reach more people with the food I make and love.

fuel the rock

Currently I volunteer as food and hospitality coordinator for a local non profit and organize food donations and cook for their events. It requires knowledge of a lot of various dietary needs, such as gluten free in addition to veganism.

I’m interested in helping various other events and organizations include vegan foods for their employees, volunteers, visitors, etc. I do a lot of baking that can accompany any meal (or be awesome by itself) and love making breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods.

I’d also like to consult with various restaurants in the community about adding more tasty vegan dishes to their menu.

lasagna spread

If you, your organization, or restaurant is interested in my help, please contact me. At this time I would prefer to trade (for various things or experiences/skills) or be compensated for these services.